Trail through our ancient woodland

Woodland Trail

We have a beautiful trail through a section of our ancient woodland. Taking approximately half an hour you will be able to take in some fabulous views, spot our fun markers hidden on the trail, build a den and enjoy spotting any insects in our bug hotel.

Natural play area on a large expanse of grass

Natural Play Area

We have a natural play area on a large expanse of grass offering a play house, tennis ball run, stepping stones, beams and other equipment to enjoy.

Dudley the Shetland pony


Fred our donkey and our two Shetland ponies Dudley and Oscar are always worth a visit. We hope to have more farm animals soon.

Free cider tasting from the barrels

Cider Tasting

Our cider shop offers free tasting from the barrels and is a fun way to find your favourite. Take the time to read our literature and information on our chalkboards to learn a bit more about cider.

Land girls museum

Women's Land Army Museum

The museum was established in 1995 when we put an advert in the local papers asking for land girls to write to us with their experiences of working on farms during the war. They were interviewed and their stories were written up and displayed in the back of the grain store which is now our restaurant. Come and read their fascinating accounts.