From fruit and vegetables to meat and bread

The Farm Shop

Here at Little Farthingloe farm shop our focus has always been to offer the consumer a complete range of fresh food from fruit and vegetables to meat and bread all under one roof. We combine the convenience of a supermarket with a more traditional, personal and relaxing way to shop.

Much of the produce including cabbages, cauliflowers, potatoes, apples and strawberries are sourced from local farms in Kent. They are freshly picked and collected direct from the farms to go straight onto our shelves. Other produce is supplied by growers in Covent Garden in London. The shop also sells a range of apple juice from Sussex, free range eggs, wholefoods, pickles and jams. We always have in stock sacks of potatoes which prove to be popular all year round.

Range of breads, cakes and pastries

The Bakery

The bakers at Farthingloe bake through the night to create a range of breads, cakes and pastries to sell in the shop. Our meat pies have a great reputation for their quality. All of our bakery goods are baked from scratch and the cakes all home-made.

We sell a wide selection including caramel doughnuts, Belgian buns, bread pudding, gingerbread men and fresh cream cakes. Hot food such as Cornish pasties, cheese and bacon slices and sausage rolls are all made on the farm and available daily.